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Big Brother: Online 2

Week Two: Power of Veto Ceremony, Diary Room Entries

9/6/06 09:22 pm - thenunownedgoat - Week Two: Power of Veto Ceremony, Diary Room Entries

Jason, as the Power of Veto holder, has the power to remove either himself or Diane from the block. He choose to use this power.

He chose to use the Golden Power of Veto on himself, stating, "Plain and simple: I don't think anyone would expect me not to use the POV and save myself!"

Jenn, as the Head of Household, is required to name a replacement nominee.

She replaced Jason with Matthew (mjl87), stating, "I feel you are a threat along the same lines as Diane is."

I will give you guys a day or two before I start the eviction process, just so everyone has a time to campaign think.

It's now time for the Diary Room Entries, once again. You guys did amazingly good and I was so impressed last time, so let's try to keep it up. I really love reading and understanding what you guys are thinking, feeling, and your plans. So feel free to get detailed.

It works the same way as it did last time, just post a comment with your diary room entries. Below are some prompts that I want you to try and answer, but you are always encouraged to include more!

Here are this week's prompts:
---Where you happy when Jenn became the new HOH? Were you satisfied with the nominations?
---What did you think about the twist, where Jason won the Power of Veto?
---Has your alliances and/or gameplay changed from week one to two?
---At this point, who is the person you want out of the game most (nominee or non-nominee)? Who do you want to leave the game the least (besides yourself)?

Thanks HouseGuests!!
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