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Big Brother: Online 2

Week Twelve: Final Statements

12/1/06 08:33 pm - thenunownedgoat - Week Twelve: Final Statements

Jason and Krysta - it is not time to make your final statements to the jury and other HouseGuests. These statements will be posted on the community, and directly afterwards the final vote will take place. These words can affect the way your jury members vote, so choice your words wisely.

There is no set size I'm looking for. Obviously, you may wish to opt for a larger final statement so you have enough space to say everything you want too - but don't get too big, because your jury members will loose interest and may not even read it. However, a smaller final statement may not be adequate enough to convince the jury members that you should be the person they are voting for.

Finally, your final statements can include anything you want them to include. You can talk to the jury members, you can talk to the other HouseGuests, you can talk to both of them. You can tell them why they should vote for you, shouldn't vote for your contestant, or tell them the size of your shoes - it doesn't matter. The choice is yours.

Jason and Krysta, please post your final statements as comments to this entry (comments are screened, so only I can see them - for now).

In the mean time, feel free to continue to discuss the game in the previous post!

Good luck, final two!

EDIT: Still waiting for Krysta.
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