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Big Brother: Online 2

Week Five: Power of Veto Ceremony, Diary Room Entries

9/29/06 04:21 pm - thenunownedgoat - Week Five: Power of Veto Ceremony, Diary Room Entries

Stephanie currently holds the Power of Veto, which allows her to remove one of the two nominees from the chopping block.

She has chosen not to use the Power of Veto. This means that Matthew's original nominations of Dorsey and Lindsey stand.

Well, it's time for the Diary Room entries, HouseGuests. You all know how this works, but I want to remind you to keep them lengthy and go into some detail. I love reading the lengthy ones!

This weeks prompts:
--List your alliances. Do you trust these alliances? Do you fear that your alliance members have other alliances you are not involved with?
--List your best friends and worst enemies in this game.
--Has your gameplay evolved since the beginning of the game to now?
--If you are evicted this week, who do you hope follows you?
--Are you afraid the Coup d'Etat holder will use it and you will be nominated?

Post your Diary Room Entries as comments (all comments are screened - only I can see them).
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