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Big Brother: Online 2

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Welcome to BIG BROTHER: ONLINE 2, the online reality show based off the CBS reality television series, Big Brother. If you'd like to learn more about our game, read the information below or surf through some of our recent entries!

This is the second "season," or game, of Big Brother: Online. To read about the first season, you can visit bb_online. At this time, we have not decided whether or not we will do a third season next summer. Once a decision has been made, more information will be placed here.


BIG BROTHER: ONLINE 2 is an interactive online game based on the United States version of the reality television series/game, Big Brother. In the televised game, contestants are forced to live in a house equipped with many cameras watching their every move. Weekly, they compete for power in the house, and are forced to evict one of their own.

BIG BROTHER: ONLINE 2 works in a similar fashion. Each week, HouseGuests compete for the Head of Household position and the Power of Veto. The Head of Household nominates two fellow players for eviction, and the remaining HouseGuests vote them out. When only two HouseGuests remain, the last seven evicted return and vote on a final winner.

Click here to learn the specifics of the BIG BROTHER: ONLINE 2 game.


Because we have already finished our game, we are no longer accepting applications. At this time, we are unable to determine if there will be a Big Brother: Online 3 next summer. If there is, you are welcome to apply for it at the appropriate time. (If we decide to do a BBO3, a link will be posted here.)


Ally (hpfan58)

Daniel (dano_mano)

Diane (filthytabloid)

Dorsey (nymphadoraklutz)

Jason (the_mole123)

Jenn (jenn_renae)

Krysta (thellamaqueen)

Lindsey (ohxlindsey)

Marie (brightcntrystar)

Matt (matterbuggy)

Matthew (mjl87)

Stephanie (slybrunette)


Blue - Head of Household
Red - Nominated
Yellow - Power of Veto Winner
Green - Saved by the Power of Veto
Gray - Evicted
Gray, Italics - Evicted, Jury Member