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Big Brother: Online 2

Week Twelve: Jury Questioning, Open Discussion

11/29/06 06:23 pm - thenunownedgoat - Week Twelve: Jury Questioning, Open Discussion

Like before, Jason's answers are in blue while Krysta's answers are in red.

Matt's Question For Both: Why shouldn't I vote for you? (Limit it to you personally, not why I should vote for the other person.)
You shouldn't vote for me because I did a lot of things that furthered me in the game that maybe you may not respect. But the biggest reason why you shouldn’t vote for me is what I did to you: that I lied to you about having the coup d'etat, using it and then convincing Krysta to vote for you, forcing a tie and then having me break the tie and evicting you.
It's pretty obvious why you shouldn't vote for me. I promised to keep you safe in this game, and I didn't. I'm not too proud of that, but it had to be done...

Stephanie's Question For Both: What is the hardest decision you've made and, looking back, do you think it was the right one?
I had to make two REALLY hard decisions during the game. The first one is using the coup on matt. I thought for a long time before actually deciding to use it. But after learning that you and he were going to come after me and Matthew in the upcoming weeks, I knew it was the right decision. However it was still hard because I honestly liked matt and I thought we got a long well, and I felt bad because he was nice. My second hardest decision was convincing Krysta to evict you when you were nominated. At the time (and still now) I didn’t think I could beat you in the finals. You were
a threat even though we were allied and I honestly liked you as well. So I hope that answers your question lol :)

I made a lot of hard decisions in this game. It's really hard for me to choose between some of the crappy stuff I had to do. Voting out you and Matt are both at the top of my list... but, like I said to Matt, it had to be done.

Marie's Question For Jason: In the beginning, the majority of the house wanted you evicted. How did that alter your orginial game strategy?
I didn’t know until I allied with Stephanie (after matt's eviction) that almost everyone, including you, wanted to evict me. I knew that Jenn, Stephanie, and Dan wanted me gone, but I had no idea it went further than that. It affected my strategy because I knew I was "hated" and I knew I had to work harder than a lot of other people and I could never sit back. I managed to only be nominated once because of this, even though I think at one point or another almost everyone wanted to evict me.

Marie's Question For Krysta:Why should I vote for you when, in the beginning, you were not a major player in the game? You stayed in the background and didn't seem to be taking any risks.
You should vote for me despite my small presence during the beginning of the game because you can see that I quickly realized that staying behind the scenes was not going to get me far, and I jumped in and started taking risks and being a bigger part of the game.

Dorsey's Question For Jason: What do you think was Krysta's best move in the game?
I think Krysta's best move was when she won the last POV and evicted Stephanie, a strong player. The POV was tough but she managed to get all questions correct.

Dorsey's Question For Krysta: What was Jason's best move?
I think Jason made a lot of good moves in this game. His alliance with Marie at the beginning of the game was what got him as far as he got, though, I think.

Jenn's Question For Jason: Approximately how many days after being accepted into the game did you figure out that Daniel (dano_mano) and I were engaged to each other?
I figured out that you and Dan were engaged probably within the first 3 days; since the players were announced. I noticed that you and Dan were on each other's friends list. I kept this to myself for a few days but after awhile I told Marie. After talking about it for awhile we both realized that you were engaged to each other.

Jenn's Question For Krysta:Krysta, how did you keep in touch with other houseguests in the game the most? // - The BB Online chat the host set up? // - AIM or another instant messanger? // - posts and replies on the community itself? // - or just by e-mail?
I kept in touch with people over AIM. There were a few people I never talked to throughout the course of the entire game... but people who I did talk to, I talked to over AIM.

It's now time for open house discussion. Basically, this is your chance to talk about anything related to the game with your other HouseGuests. It is your opportunity to discuss stradegy, ask a burning question, or (if you're final two) swing some votes. Anything that has to do with the game and/or HouseGuests is permitted, and comments appear immedietly. So go ahead and chat away!
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