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Big Brother: Online 2

Week Twelve: Jury Questions

11/28/06 10:32 pm - thenunownedgoat - Week Twelve: Jury Questions

Matthew nor Lindsey have posted questions for the final two. This disappoints me greatly - I sent them the initial email, left comments on their personal journal, and even send Lindsey and instant message while Lindsey was online (apparently Matthew never is). I'm forced to move on because of this. As of now, they are still considered part of the jury. HOWEVER, I will not be waiting in the future -- if the group is ready to move on, I will move on without them. I'm sorry for making the game slightly unfairer because two of our jury members have decided to go inactive on us.

Jason's questions are in blue.
Krysta's questions are in green.
Questions for both are in red.

Matt's Questions
Why shouldn't I vote for you? (Limit it to you personally, not why I should vote for the other person.)

Stephanie's Questions
What is the hardest decision you've made and, looking back, do you think it was the right one?

Marie's Questions
In the beginning, the majority of the house wanted you evicted. How did that alter your orginial game strategy?
Why should I vote for you when, in the beginning, you were not a major player in the game? You stayed in the background and didn't seem to be taking any risks.

Dorsey's Questions
What do you think was Krysta's best move in the game?
What was Jason's best move?

Jenn's Questions
Approximately how many days after being accepted into the game did you figure out that Daniel (dano_mano) and I were engaged to each other?
Krysta, how did you keep in touch with other houseguests in the game the most?
- The BB Online chat the host set up?
- AIM or another instant messanger?
- posts and replies on the community itself?
- or just by e-mail?

Marie - I don't know when I'll be ready to post the poll. You can go ahead and email me your vote as soon as you know at thenunownedgoat (at) gmail (dot) com. If I were you, I'd wait as long as possible so you can see what their responses are, etc. but the decision is yours.

Jason and Krysta - please submit your answers by posting a comment. All comments are screened, so only I can see them (however, I will be posting your answers, obviously).
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