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Big Brother: Online 2

Week Eleven: Eviction; Week Twelve: Procedures

11/19/06 01:46 pm - thenunownedgoat - Week Eleven: Eviction; Week Twelve: Procedures

It is now time for the final eviction in Big Brother: Online 2.

Jason, as the Head of Household, was forced to decide which HouseGuest he wished to evict and which HouseGuest he wished to take with him to the final two.

He has chosen to evict Matthew, saying "Matthew: I have to unfortonatly evict you. Latley you have been inactive and I don't think it is fair to bring you to the final two, when Krysta has not been inactive etc. I hope you understand, best of luck."

Matthew has been evicted from Big Brother: Online 2.
Specifics: You have made it to the jury, Matthew. This means that very soon you will come back to help determine who the final winner of Big Brother: Online 2 is. Because of this, we ask that you do not leave the community. Congratulations on making it so far into the game, and thanks for playing.

If you wish to leave a goodbye message for the evicted HouseGuest, please do so in the comments (they will immedietly show up).

As there are only two more HouseGuests, it will soon be time to start the final voting process. Here's how it's going to work, in a tenative schedule format.

Remember, this is just tentative... things may be up or back, depending on my own avaliability and how soon the jury members respond.

--On around Monday, I will make a post asking for jury questions. Here, all seven jury members will have an opportunity to ask you any questions they wish. The questions they ask may serve any purpose: to prove a point to other jury members or to help them decide who to vote for, for example. After I do this, I will send an email to EVERYONE and let them know the end is coming, and they should re-check out the community and what not.
--After the jury members submit their questions, I will post the questions for Jason and Krysta to answer.
--Once Jason and Krysta finish asking the questions, I will post their answers to the questions. Also at this time I will provide a post for everyone to openly discuss the game with everyone else (in the past, this has been one of the more popular posts). You can talk about ANYTHING: who you're going to vote for, past alliances, how you played the game, etc. This will be completely open for any HouseGuests, former HouseGuests, jury members, and current HouseGuests, to ask questions and discuss the game.
--There will be a day or two where nothing will be happening, to give jury members a chance to decide who they want to vote for.
--I'll post a poll, asking the jury members who they wish to vote for to win.
--Whenever all the votes are in, I will count up the votes and announce who the winner of Big Brother: Online 2 is!
--After I announce the results, I'll have a poll for you guys to fill out on how well I did as a host, and another post for you guys to discuss anything you want, related or not to the game.

If you have any questions, leave a comment in this post.
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