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Big Brother: Online 2

Week Ten: Power of Veto Ceremony, Diary Room Entries

11/13/06 06:50 pm - thenunownedgoat - Week Ten: Power of Veto Ceremony, Diary Room Entries

Note: This entry was later edited to include the Diary Room prompts.

Jason, as the Head of Household, nominated Krysta and Matthew.

Krysta won the Power of Veto, and was able to take either herself of Matthew off of the block.

She chosen to use this power.

Krysta took herself off the block, stating "...why would i keep myself on the block, eh?"

Because of the small number of HouseGuests, this makes Stephanie the automatic replacement nominee. The final HouseGuests nominated for eviction are Stephanie and Matthew.

You know how it works, HouseGuests. This weeks prompts are:

--Coming into the last weeks, what is/will be your stradegy?
--Assuming everything goes your way, who will you take to the final two and why?
--Do you feel you have a good chance of winning? Why or why not?
--So far, how do you feel you have done in this game?
--What is your biggest regret so far in the game?
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